Bin Weevils At Clarks, Redeeming Tycoon and What You Get

Hey Bin Weevils!

As you probably know, my Bin Tycoon membership has run out. Luckily, I popped into my nearest Clarks store and got a free 3 day Bin Tycoon Membership! Also, redeeming the code for the tycoon gives you 10,000 mulch, the tycoon membership, and a special Clarks Nest item! Note:If you are a tycoon when you redeem the code, 3 days will not be added to your membership.

How to Redeem the code:

1. Go to


2. Click login and type in your Bin Weevil username and Password. Click login

binweevils.com_clarkstycoon login

3. Enter the code on the back of your mini mag, click the check box accepting the terms of the 3 day membership and then click enter.

binweevils.com_clarkstycoon enter code


4. Everything has been added to your account, and you have been entered into the competition!

binweevils.com_clarkstycoon done



binweevils.com_clarkstycoon done2


So, Lets take a look at what you get:

The Trophy:



The Mulch:

mulch after clarks tycoon


Also, you get a Dosh salary. Unfortunately, since this is a Clarks tycoon,  you only get 6 Dosh, not 40.

The message from Big Weevil:

 message from big weevil 6 dosh

You can now enjoy your 3 days of free Bin Tycoon!

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About Mackied

I'm a Bin Tycoon who can't get enough of Bin Weevils! I've been on Bin weevils for almost 5 years and wanted to share my experience , so I create a simple site called The Muddy Times Bin Weevils Help . I am now quite famous! At one point, I owned Bin Master Cheats, then the former owner Seanlego7 deleted it.

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