Best Nest issue #11 out now!!


                  November 12th, 2012

Bin-tastic news! The Nest Inspector has published a shiny new issue of Best Nest!  Check it out to see ten incredible room ideas, including many different ways to show off the Celebrity Posters you’ve earned from the Bin Weevils Toys Quiz!

Want to show off your nest to the Nest Inspector for a chance to be featured in Best Nest and win a cool trophy? Make sure your Nest Coolness is way up high and you could be on your way!

To take photos to submit to the Nest Inspector, you must be a Bin Tycoon. Learn more on the Membership Page!



About Neb2351

I am the owner of Binweevilly-cheats. I am a kind author always giving you the best of my help about binweevils. I have 1 weevil: Neb2351 (Tycoon, level 45+). I love and play everyday. I know alot about it. If you're looking for my site here's the URL: Thank you

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