New Christmas Photo Studio Nest Items ON SALE NOW!!

Tis the season! Christmas backgrounds and props for your Photo Studio are now available in the Photo Shop on Tycoon Island! Bin Tycoons, make your studio the #1 destination for holiday photos by decking it out with these Bin-tastic decorations!

DID YOU KNOW? All Bin Weevils can have their photo taken inside a Tycoon studio! Select the shape and colour of your frame and snap pics of yourself and your buddies that you can display inside your nest.  You can spice up your photo frames with some stickers, bows or wall decorations!

To learn more about Bin Tycoon Photo Studios, check out the tips on this post!

If you’d like to open your own studio, become a Bin Tycoon member today! Not only will you get your own plaza that other Bin Weevils can visit, you can also earn lots of bonus Mulch and get a monthly Dosh salary!


About Neb2351

I am the owner of Binweevilly-cheats. I am a kind author always giving you the best of my help about binweevils. I have 1 weevil: Neb2351 (Tycoon, level 45+). I love and play everyday. I know alot about it. If you're looking for my site here's the URL: Thank you

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